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Videos mit Intelligenz


Videos with intelligence are the future. In a fast-moving age, the flow of information and communication should be used efficiently. With Motiontisements we create dedicated videos and have created something new. With this solution we create space for the important things in life and increase the attention to the message.





Dedicated videos not only focus attention on the essence of the message, but can also convey other important details. The connection to our system via an XML interface makes cutting and assembling the videos child's play for the creator without any additional effort. Contact us today for an initial consultation.


Free initial consultation




Online Postproduktion


Thanks to our intelligent technology and extensive media library with thousands of video scenes and elements, we have created a solution for today's business world. In this way, communication can be transformed into a video message and a high level of customer satisfaction can be created. Let us work together on a solution for your product and increase your turnover.







If you use our survey system, you can store the appropriate video scene for each answer. This allows you to use motiontisement as a so-called "stand-alone solution" without technical integration with our systems. Use our cascaded question system to store the answers for your customers and create space for the important things.





First class service



Data protection and data security


The protection of the privacy of each individual is of particular importance to us. All our servers are in accordance with EU guidelines and are located in Germany. Thus we can guarantee a high degree of security. We also pay attention to the relevant points when creating the storyboard and give a the hint at the appropriate place. If you wish, we will gladly have your storyboard checked by our data protection officer. This gives you additional security when creating the concept for your video.




Modern dialogue


Special statements need an extraordinary way of communication. A message is not just a statement. The most important thing when dealing with customers and friends is a clear statement. That way you avoid misunderstandings and get your message across in a clear and concise way. In the creation of the storyboard exactly these points are taken into account and so it is guaranteed that errors and mistakes in advance can not occur.



A video says more than 1000 words


With videos you can reach people with your message everywhere. Studies have also shown that more than 90% of smartphone users share videos with friends, acquaintances and business partners. A good chance to get started, with videos created completely automatically. You can also minimize your customers' queries, because all questions that arise are already addressed in the video.



Customer satisfaction and after-sale


A satisfied customer is worth his weight in gold. You have already achieved a lot through speed and clear communication. Through individual selection of video sequences, it is possible to place additional products in the form of banners or video sequences in the news. So you can focus the after-sale individually on the customer and drastically increase your after-sale and make the customer happy all around.